Katz Barron Construction Practice Group attorneys have been involved in virtually every aspect of the construction business, in Florida and nationally. Our transactional experience includes work for owners, contractors, subcontractors and design professionals on contracts for complex public (local, state and federal) and private projects, including condominiums, hospitals, hotels, schools and universities, marine projects, resort developments and commercial buildings. We have extensive experience in traditional delivery methods and contracting approaches, but we also offer deep experience in projects and problems involved in unusual delivery methods and contracts, including integrated project delivery, design-build, CM agency, and public-private partnerships. Our attorneys have negotiated insurance arrangements for complex projects, including subcontractor default insurance and commercial general liability coverages.  We have created and negotiated takeover and completion agreements with sureties and completion contractors, confidentiality and similar agreements on business-sensitive projects, minority contracting program structures, owner contracts, subcontracts, purchase orders, equipment rental agreements, and design-build agreements. We believe that success in the competitive construction business is a direct result of carefully structured deals that are carefully implemented. We understand the business of construction, not just its legal framework, and we bring that understanding to every transaction in which we are involved.

We have equally extensive experience in construction litigation and claims of all kinds. We have presented, litigated and arbitrated construction and design defect issues, delay and impact issues, termination problems, payment and performance bond claims, bankruptcy-related issues, insurance claims of all kinds (including builder’s risk, GL and subcontractor default insurance claims), false claim cases, audit issues, requests for equitable adjustments on public contracts, non-payment claims, and bid and RFP protests. We view these fundamentally as business problems that can in most every situation be solved with attention to detail, thoughtful review of our client’s goals, and a strategy focused on problem solving opportunities– but with a watchful and cost-efficient eye on what is needed if the problem must be solved in a trial or arbitration setting. If that process is required, our construction lawyers have extensive trial experience. We pride ourselves on solving problems, not handling cases.

Construction Attorneys:

Bernard Allen
Erica L. English
Steven Holt
H. Eugene Lindsey III
John R. Squitero

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